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The Definitive Guide to Finding Trending Products to Sell Online

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The advancement in the IT sector has given rise to E-Commerce and the hunt for trending products to sell online. Those days are long gone when shopping was limited to visiting local markets, shopping malls, and relevant brick and mortar shops. Whether you’re aiming to be a next generation aspiring entrepreneur, business owner, or looking forward to turning your passion into a private brand, you must prioritize online marketing over anything else to win in the long-run. And if you haven’t considered selling online yet, you’re probably leaving huge loads of money on the table.

As this guide talks about finding trending yet winning products to sell online, let’s get straight to the point.

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Getting Started with Selling Online

dropshipping laptops

Well, coming up with trending product ideas isn’t as simple as it seems. It’s not like you’re into cats and the next day you’ve established an online store with cat toys flying off the shelf. No, that’s not how it works. In fact, product research is certainly the most important yet tricky phase when selling online.

If you haven’t been able to find any appealing choices yet, there’s no need to worry. Even experts get stuck in the product research phase. You’ll probably feel like every successful product out there is already sold or being sold by top-tier e-commerce websites.

However, there is a countless number of opportunities to find newly-launched, trending, and best-selling products to sell online. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of best hacks, tricks, and digital marketing tactics to find winning products you can sell in your online store.

Best Tips & Tricks to Find Best Selling Products

How are your competitors being able to find the best-selling products and sell them for a considerable profit? Well, there is no definite way or trick to find the best-selling products in one go. There are dozens of techniques business marketers use to find appealing products in their perspective niche. Also, a technique that works best for an online store may not serve the same deal to you – depending upon your niche.

Following are some practical ways to fill your online store with the best selling products online. For the impatient types, you can skip to lucky number #13 for the most direct and easiest way to find the most trending and money making products with the least amount of effort.

ok.. here we go.

#1 Google Tricks

Being the most used search engine of all time, Google brings you vast opportunities to find trending products to sell online. In this phase, we’ll discuss Google.com, Google Images, and Google Trends and see how they can help you in trending niche or product research.

A. Google.com

Our life is largely dependent on Google.com and so does this vast field of digital marketing. Setting aside all complex ways of finding trending products online, one shouldn’t underestimate the power of Google. Alas, the majority of your audience is going to search for a particular product on Google. And if you don’t target trending products that are ranking on the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages), you’re leaving loads of money on the table. Keep following to learn more about finding trending products on Google to sell on your online store.

Keyword Everywhere

Keyword Everywhere is a cool chrome & firefox extension that works with google search results. it’s a handy tool to find out free search volume, competition, and CPC of a search term or keyword. Once installed, Just enter related keywords to your niche and you’ll get tons of product ideas using Keyword Everywhere. Let’s say you’re selling men’s clothing online. We searched “men’s clothing trends” and here’s what we got:

keyword anywhere

The keyword “men’s clothing trends” has over 12,000 searches per month, $1.54 CPC and 1 competition. That’s a fair search volume to start with. If we scroll down, we see some best selling clothing stores selling the best clothing products for men:

google searching of trends

Furthermore, Keyword Everywhere also provides you a report of related keywords on the right of SERP. You can easily get a clearer idea of trending clothing items, products, and bestselling stores on the market.

keyword anywhere SERPS

Say goodbye to hours of research to find online stores that are actually selling trending products in your niche. You can also download the list of keywords in Excel, PDF, or CSV file formats.

MyShopify.com + Targeted Niche

Another great way of finding the best selling products online for your store is to go to Google and type MyShopify.com + Targeted Niche. Let’s say you’re selling men’s shirts on your store, see the example below

myshopify.com search

See, just by entering a simple query, we get tons of Shopify stores selling shirts. Want to find best-selling products of these stores? Open any of these stores, and add the following parameters after the URL:


Let’s say you selected https://www.bullzerk.com. Adding the parameters would make it https://www.bullzerk.com/collections/all?sort_by=best-selling. In this way, you’ll be redirected to the bestselling products of that particular store. Note that this trick works on the majority of Shopify stores.

Pro Tip: Sell The Trend’s Store Explorer ranks thousands of top shopify stores and shows you the products that they are adding on a daily basis so that you can use their experience in product research to your advantage.

Sell the Trend Shopify Store Explorer

B. Google Images: See What’s Trending

It has never been easier than finding new ideas using Google Images. Use the same method we used earlier to get high volume keywords using Keyword Everywhere and search them on Google. Let’s search the same term “men’s clothing trends” again and browse through Google Images.

Google Images search for trending products

Instead of looking for trending products by opening each store separately, you can just browse through Google images and see top selling products in one go. Similarly, keep searching with different queries and you’ll definitely find trending men’s clothing products to sell online.

C. Google Trends: Verify Trending Products & Niches

Surviving in e-commerce requires utmost patience and true understanding of the battleground. In this regard, Google Trends is by far the best tool that helps online marketers discover and analyze people’ search behavior within Google My Business, Google Images, Google Search, Google News, and even YouTube.

But how to use Google Trends to verify trending products and niches? Well, as soon as you type your desired topic, niche, or product here, you’ll be able to refine the search results per location, category, timeframe, and search type (Images, News, YouTube, Shopping, Etc.)

Consider the example of the below image showcasing the interest for “Smartphones” over time.

google trends verifying niches

Furthermore, Google Trends also lists the rising interests in the subregion as shown below:

google trends subregion

Here is how it shoes rising interests of relevant categories and subtopics.

google trends categories

Sounds fair enough? In a nutshell, Google Trends will show you the trend of the search term within the past few years. In this way, you can easily predict whether your preferred products will be trending after a year or not.

#2 Trends Listing Websites

Trendspotting is like sneaking into the future yet it can help you stand out from the competition and find winning products to sell at your store. In our case, trend listing websites can help you decide trending products, how to market them, what are their targeted audience, and what marketing tactics will work best for each product or service. In a nutshell, keeping track of new trends, products, services, and people’s interests through trends listing websites will help you to find new ideas. Sounds good?

Some quality trends listing platforms on the web are as follows:

Cool Hunting

When looking for the latest trends in technology, design, style travel, art, and culture, look no further than Cool Hunting. Here, the content is regularly updated with new ideas and trends to keep business marketers up to date with people’s interests. Thus, Cool Hunting is your one-stop-shop to keep yourself updated with what is new, relevant, and profitable to your industry.


WikiTrend is another popular yet useful platform providing people with updated and useful trends worldwide. WikiTrend spots trending ideas, products, and services from all over the world and lists them separately into several categories. Whether your store covers technology, lifestyle, fashion, health, or home improvement products, you’ll definitely find some quality trending products’ ideas here.

Cool Business Ideas

Cool Business Ideas is a Singapore based platform and is a favorite of many aspiring entrepreneurs and digital marketers when finding emerging businesses, opportunities, products, and services worldwide. In a nutshell, it’s a good place to start looking for the latest trends in a wide range of industries.

The Cool Hunter

The Cool Hunter is by far the most preferred platform specifically designed for digital marketers looking forward to keeping pace with new ever-evolving trends of the world. It is truly one of the best global websites converting a wide variety of industries. Learn more about what’s trending, original, appealing, and innovative in your industry here.


Springwise is an enormous database of business prototypes, ideas, startups, products, services, and more. Over 18,000 spots trending business, ideas, and products which are categorized and then put onto this database.

At Springwise, you can keep track of winning and trending topics within the last 30 days. Each day, 3 new winning ideas are added and if you’re lucky, you may end up finding the idea of the year the very first week. Sounds good? Learn more here.


If your niches revolve around anywhere near men’s gear, look no further than Uncrate for trending ideas. Uncrate is a one-stop-shop and a definitive guide to men’s best gear recommendations. You’ll find plenty of recommended men’s products here.

#3 Make Use of Influencer Marketing

The 21st century is the era of influencers. People are ready to use products their favorite celebrities, YouTubers, Instagram Icons, and Facebook starts use even if your product is 10 times better than theirs. However, never confuse influencers with celebrities. Influencers can belong to any industry or background and still have a huge fan following.

The one and only thing they have in common is that they all are social media celebrities with an enormous audience around them – building credibility and trust. But how can you get your hands-on trendy products using influencer marketing?

Well, keep track of influencers, marketing leaders, and celebrities using products in your niche. You need to find out their favorite products and how they’re promoting them on social media channels. Thus, the key is to find influencers already interested in your niche and then choose their favorite products to skyrocket your store’s sales.

Find Influencers from Your Audience’s Perspective

The best way to find winning products using influencer marketing is to target influencers your audience is paying attention to – and analyze how they’re reacting to their favorite products. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Follow and analyze the influencers in your niche with a huge fan following.
  2. Closely analyze their daily-life activities, the products they use or wear, and the brands they support.
  3. Check if their fans are responding to their recommendations. Thus, influencers in your niche can greatly influence their fans to engage with those products/brands.

However, it is quite a challenging task to find relevant influencers online, right? To ease the process, the following are some tools to help you reveal the popular influencers in your niche.


buzzsumo landing page for product research

BuzzSumo is by far the best influencer spotting tool that brings major influencers into a single dashboard based on content sharing analytics. The core feature of BuzzSumo lets you search influencers with huge fan following based on the content shared revolving around a certain topic. Moreover, you can also search for influencers using certain hashtags, keywords, and queries.

In a nutshell, BuzzSumo is an essential tool for content marketers and aspiring e-commerce experts looking forward to market and find new trending products. Guess what? The search filter of BuzzSumo lets you categorize influencers into companies, bloggers, social media celebs, and journalists.

Let’s say you’re working on men’s clothing niche, here is how BuzzSumo showcases results after typing “Men’s Clothing” in the search field.

searching buzzsumo for dropshipping products

Here, you can analyze the total number of engagements divided among major social media channels.


followerwonk influencer search

Followerwonk specifically focus influencers on Twitter and can be referred to as a Twitter analytics tool – perfect tool to find influencers on Twitter. Use popular hashtags, keywords, and search terms to find influencers in your niche. Now is the right time to find your potential influencers, who are their fans? Are they tweeting back? Moreover, the super-actionable infographics and graphs let you compare the social media activity of different influencers – all done under a single dashboard.

how to use followerwonk

Guess what? Followerwonk also lets you analyze only some segments of twitter accounts i.e. location, bio, followers, tweets, and more.


Klear is an effective tool to find influencers engaging with your niche and within your network. The ability to categorize and filter influencers by Power Users, Celebrities, Casual and Novice makes it stand out to the influencer spotting tools.

Note that when finding influencers in your niche, you need to set realistic targets. Instead of targeting Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Katy Perry, which is somewhat equivalent to winning a world-tour ticket, you should aim to find influencers with enough fan following on social media channels. This is where Klear comes in handy.

Klear for winning product research

Klear features some really detailed demographic features to ease your influencer’s marketing tactics – helping you analyze what kind of people are following an influencer and if they’re truly directed towards your niche.

If the Klear’s demographic data complements your audience interests, your chances of finding trending products through those influencers increase.

#4 Look for Trending Products in Online Marketplaces

Setting aside checking trending products using Google Trends, Trend Listing Publication Websites, and Influencers, you can also browse through online marketplaces to get a clearer idea of what is being sold to your targeted audience.

You can find a lot of information about what are the best selling products online these days and what are their current peak sellers on the market. In this phase, we’ll review how to find trending products to sell online using AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba.

1. AliExpress – An Online Shopping Store

AliExpress is one of the leading platforms in the e-commerce industry benefiting both consumer and manufacturers in many ways. Fortunately, marketers can also benefit from their drop shipping program. A drop shipping partner can get a hand of bestselling product lists trending within the last few weeks or even for a holiday.

aliexpress dropshipping products home page

Here we’ll discuss several methods to find appealing yet best-selling products to attract more users to your e-commerce store. Let’s start with the most basic method.

A. Shortlist the Product Categories

On the homepage, you’ll see a list of product categories. From women’s clothing to consumer electronics to toys to home improvement products, everything is sold there. Select the product category interesting you, let’s say Men’s Clothing, and then shortlist the options using the filters available at the top.

aliexpress filter products

Here is how you can filter the best-selling products within a few clicks:

  1. Select a category; let’s say men’s clothing
  2. Sort by the number of orders. If the majority of the products haveordered less than 1000, then choosing products with 1000+ orders is a good choice.
  3. Check the field “4 stars and up”
  4. Add pricing filter to find more profitable products

As highlighted in the image above, you can also filter the high-quality and popular products by selecting top-tier brands. If your targeted audience is business owners, lawyers, and senior citizens, they’ll definitely prefer branded products over anything else. Sounds good?B. Finalizing the Product Selection

So, we found the Fashion Men Casual Sports Bracelet using the same method mentioned above.

aliexpress product page

It has over 4103 votes – enough to be marked as a trending product in the market. Greater number of votes in AliExpress indicate the selling potential of a particular product.

Have you been looking to find trending products for your e-commerce store? Follow this same tactic because it works just perfect!

C. Review Special Product Categories

Most of the times, AliExpress recommends best-selling people’s choice products on the site’s header. It is often related to an event, special occasions, or for a particular audience. For instance, this Parent’s Choice Awards recommendation is highly focused on children toys category.

aliexpress special product categories

Just click on the “Shop Now” button and you will be redirected to a special category page listing Parent’s Choice product for children. As the name suggests, all these products hold sufficient positive reviews and enough orders – obviously better than other children’s products on AliExpress.

And here, you just have to find interesting products per your store theme or category.

Pro Tip: Yet a more immediate and time saving option would be to use Sell The Trend’s Aliexpress Explorer. Here you will be able to see hundreds of thousands of trending products with full filtering capabilities. you can even select the niche you are interested in and you will get a huge list of trending products in your selected niche. The Aliexpress Explorer is just one part of the suite of explorers and tools that Sell The Trend has on offer, all aimed at one thing – Showing your winning and trending Products.

Sell The Trend's Aliexpress product explorer

2. Amazon – Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers…

You probably have a little idea of how to browse products on Amazon to sell online. Whether you’re looking for product ideas to sell separately on your online store or through Amazon Affiliate Program, you’ve come to the right place.

searching for trending products on amazon

“How to find trending products on Amazon to sell online?” is certainly the most asked question by content marketers and aspiring e-commerce marketers. There is no definitive trick to finding the best-selling product in one go. Note that trending products come and go every few months. Therefore, the key is to sell the right product at the right time. Let’s say you’re selling hoverboards in 2019, but will they still be trending in 2020 or so?

If you’re trying to earn more using the Amazon Affiliate Program or just looking for product ideas as a newbie, don’t miss out this part of the post as we’ll be discussing some tips, tricks, and tools to help you find the right yet rending products to sell online.

A. Things to Consider When Conducting Amazon Product Research

Make sure to go for products having a good demand, vast opportunities for selling worldwide, and medium to low competition. However, make sure to consider the following aspects when selecting a product.

  • The product must have a huge demand
  • Considerate profit margins
  • Low seasonality
  • Products making 5-10 sales per day
  • Medium to low competition
  • No legal issues
  • Must be greater than $20

The key aspects to keep in mind to sell Amazon products on your store are as follows:

  • Low Seasonality: Make sure the products you select sell round the year and sales aren’t limited to a particular season.
  • No Legal Issues: Never select products with a trademark or those with legal issues.
  • Pricing: Make sure the product you select has the potential to generate you enough profit for the better good. Therefore, products above $20 are preferred.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Such products are most likely to generate more sales as they require fewer storage spaces and minimal shipping charges.

B. Getting Started with Amazon Product Research

There are two methods of conducting Amazon Product Research:

  • Manual
  • Automatic

Manual Method: Best Sellers List

In manual method, we’ll only use the built-in features to carry out the product research without any third-party tool.

Checking Amazon Best Sellers List is certainly the best way to find top-trending products with ease. Here, the very first page of the Best Sellers List has trending products with appealing reviews, votes, and sales.

best selling products on amazon

Thereby, checking Amazon Best Sellers List should be the first and foremost step when finding top-selling products. You can search best selling products under several categories and subcategories. If you haven’t yet decided your store niche, browsing through these categories will also help you determine what type of items are being sold these days and if that particular niche has a future.

Read customer reviews and you’ll get a clearer idea of what types of products are appealing consumers to buy more related products. In a nutshell, make sure to go with products having a considerate price, minimal competition, and 4-star rating or above.

Automatic Method: Using Third-Party Amazon Research Tools

Even expert Amazon Sellers say that Amazon Product Research is time-consuming, complex, and most of all; frustrating. This is where automatic Amazon Product Research Tools come in handy. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could check the best sellers lists, hot items, images, product category, sub-category, bullets, listings, and other information under a single dashboard? It will save a lot of time as well as a hassle to browse through each product separately. Sell The Trend’s Amazon Explorer is such a tool. With a couple of clicks you can see a huge list of trending Amazon products as well as separate pages for New stars, hot products and hidden gems. You will be able to see a whole slew of engagement metrics including a product’s Amazon Rank trend chart. This chart will shows you fluctuations is a product’s ranking so you can see the trend for a particular product allowing you to see if it’s still hot or not before you spend a single cent in promoting it or adding it to your store.

Sell The Trend's Amazon explorer

C. Amazon Vs. AliExpress – Which One is Better?

This is certainly a million-dollar question. To help you determine the better fit for your online store, here is a quick case study. Whenever you come across a niche, make sure to check it on AliExpress too. Most of the times, the pricing of AliExpress is way cheaper as that of Amazon. You can save up to 50% margin if you’re targeting Amazon users and buying products from AliExpress. For instance, Captain America’s Cap is sold for $39.99 at Amazon. And the pricing of similar products on Amazon ranges between $15-$50 as shown in the image.

amazon vs aliexpress

On the other hand, if we browse the same product on AliExpress, its for $5.72. That’s a huge difference, right?

amazon vs aliexpress 2

It’s your turn to compare Amazon and AliExpress prices and most of the times, you’ll find AliExpress cheaper. And after you’re done finding the perfect fit, just import it on your online store and start selling.

Online Marketplaces to Look for Trending Products

And the list of online marketplaces never ends. Still, following is the list of some popular sites to find trending products to sell online.

You can use the same product research tactics to find winning products on these e-commerce marketplaces. Make sure to compare each aspect of a particular product on all platforms to find the perfect fit and selling program for your online store. it’s a time consuming process, but a worthwhile one nonetheless.

Discover Thousands of Winning Dropshipping Products in Multiple Niches

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#5 Pinterest.com – Find Dozens of Products Ideas

Pinterest is one of the most used social media channels that allows visitors to discover and share trending topics by pining videos and images on their own or someone else’s boards. However, Pinterest isn’t just about discovering and sharing new interests. With over 150 million active users, about 70% of them use Pinterest to get a hand of latest trends and buy useful products.

So, how to find trending products using Pinterest.com? All you need to do is type in your niche or focused keywords and you’ll be provided with the most popular pinned posts. Let’s say you’re selling latest tech gadgets on your store. When you’re short of ideas, just type in “tech gadgets 2019” in the search bar.

searching for winning products on Pinterest

Just by entering a single generic keyword, hundreds of popular pins are displayed in the search results. Therefore, by searching different search terms, you can easily get a hand of trending products to sell on your online store.

Note that Pinterest doesn’t disclose the number of pins or shares, thereby, the top pins are probably the popular images in your niche.

How to Locate Pinterest Products?

It has never been easier to find anything to everything you see on Pinterest than searching it on AliExpress. AliExpress is by far the most versatile online marketplace – offering literally anything you come across internet.

Let’s take an example of the “Fingerprint enabled pen drive” in the above image. Let’s head to AliExpress.com and type “Fingerprint Pen drive”.

finding Pinterest products on Aliexpress

You can see that the exact same fingerprint pen drive by Lexar is available on AliExpress. However, you can also go for other options, suppliers, and models. Make sure to choose a product with a rating of 4 stars or above.

#6 Search on YouTube

With over 3 billion searches per month, YouTube is the second largest search engine where 100 hours of videos are uploaded every minute. Sounds fascinating? Given the amount of content and users, there are greater chances that you can find hot-selling products in your niche there.

However, if you haven’t been able to find trending products on YouTube rather frustrated by the weird video suggestions, we’ve got you covered. Here is how you can find trending products on YouTube to sell on your e-commerce store.

Find Trending Products on YouTube With Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is an essential search tool that provides free search volume, competition data, and CPC on 16 useful websites including YouTube. You can download it directly on your PC here. After you’ve installed and activated it on your browser, just enter your SEO keywords in YouTube search bar until the drop-down menu appears. For instance, here we entered the word “Best Jewelry”:

product keywords research on youtube

Here, not only we discovered some useful suggestions, but also the number of searches per month. Greater the search volume, the more people are interested in a particular product or niche. Therefore, YouTube can be an efficient source to find new product ideas and even a complete niche.

After searching the “Best Jewelry on Amazon”, here is what we got:

searching for product to sell on youtube

You can easily find these products on Amazon and then AliExpress. And if they have a good response there, congratulations because you just found some more products to sell online.

Explore Unboxing Videos

Checking out unboxing videos is another great way of finding new yet trading products in the market. Most of the times, unboxing videos feature products that are about to launch or just came into the market. This means, people are hyped about them. And if you’re able to put them on your store before your competitors, you’ll definitely generate enough sales in a short period. Sounds fair enough? In a nutshell, the more views an unboxing video has, the more demand you can expect from that product.

#7 Find Hot-Selling Products on Facebook

With over 2.37 billion monthly active users, Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms – having different types of audiences from all over the world. Considering the huge audience, Facebook is certainly another great way of finding trending products to sell online.

We are most likely to talk about our favorite products on interment – especially social media platforms. Similarly, your targeted audience and competitors are also talking about the best selling products online. Therefore, here is a detailed guide of how to find best selling products on Facebook.

Look for Your Competitors

As a business owner or marketer, you’re well aware of your competitors and their online appearance. The very first step is to analyze your competitor’s activity on Facebook. Are they getting enough response from the customers? Are there any negative reviews on their official Facebook page? How are customers reacting to their products?

Analyze each and every aspect of their official Facebook page and you’ll probably find some trending products to sell on your e-commerce store. Make sure not to exaggerate the product research activity as you may end up selling the same products for which they’re getting negative feedback.

Use Facebook Search Bar to Find Trending Product Ideas

After Google, Facebook features the best search engine with a lot of filters and categories. You can literally find anything to everything on Facebook that too based on people’s personal choice and not just some generic statements. Here is a step-by-step guide to find trending product ideas on Facebook:

  • Go to Facebook and type your preferred keywords, search terms, or hashtags (we’re using “shoes” here)

using Facebook to find trending products

  • Now start filtering the search results with the menu given below the search bar. Let’s select the “Posts” and see the search results

searchin facebook posts for products to sell online

Ok so we got some people talking about skinny shoes and sneakers. After you hear someone talking about a product type or brand, make sure to check it on Google Trends before making the final choice.

  • Next, let’s see what we’ve got in the “Videos” for the term “Shoes”.

searchin facebook videos for products to sell

Check out the video titles and you’ll notice all of them work as a recommendation to their perspective audience – which is probably your targeted audience too. With thousands and millions of views, a large audience is waiting for you to put the best shoes on your online store.

  • Next, after selecting the “Photos”, here is what we got

searching facebook photo listings for products to sell

You wouldn’t have gotten such personalized recommendations on a blog or review website, right?

facebook post shares and comments

Browse through the photos and see how is your targeted audience reacting to different products. After finalizing a few products, head over to Amazon and AliExpress and find these products to sell online on your store.

This is how you can use Facebook to find trending and winning products to drive traffic to your e-commerce store.

Pro Tip:  Find Trending Products that are showing on Facebook right now using the Sell The Trend Facebook Explorer. Find Winning Ads and Products that are gaining momentum without all the manual labour involved in searching facebook using the methods discussed above.

Sell The Trend Facebook Ads Explorer

#8 Instagram.com – Find Top-Selling Products in Minutes

It has never been easier than finding trending products on Instagram. Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users among which 90 percent users are younger than 35. So, if your niche revolves anywhere near younger people, there can never be a better place to find trending products than Instagram.

As a newbie, it might be nearly impossible for you to find trending products to sell online. As complex as it seems, Instagram makes it easier for beginner e-commerce marketers to find hot-selling products.

Find Influencers in Your Niche

Influencers can be a great way of finding out trending products or services in your niche. Finding the right influencer with enough fanbase from your targeted audience can be a game changer for you. Therefore, it is recommended to keep an eye on celebrities and influencers in your niche. What products are they using and how are your people reacting to them. In a nutshell, an ideal influencer will help you know people’s interests, likings, and disliking just by the likes of his Instagram profile.

Having trouble in finding influencers in your niche? Well, you can use the same influencer spotting tools as discussed earlier to find influencers in your niche i.e. BuzzSumo, FollowerWonk, amd Klear.

Search Related Terms

Let’s say that our niche is shoes. So, just type #shoes in the search bar and see the results

searching instagram for winning products

There are 93,976,181 posts about shoes. Let’s pick one and see people’s reaction to it.

searching instagram posts for products to sell

So, this was posted an hour ago and about 400 people have already liked and engaged with the post. Do you see the power of Instagram? Whenever you’re on a hunch to finding trending products to sell online, heading over to Instagram would be the easiest way ever. You can find dozens of product and niche ideas within a couple of minutes.

After you’ve selected a few products, head over to AliExpress or Amazon and you’re most likely to find the same product in a considerate price. Add it to your online store and start selling. Make sure to go through the product you select has good ratings and customer reviews.

Pro Tip: Use Sell The Trend’s Instagram & Twitter Engagement Calculator to find out if an influencer is worth their weight? Quickly determine if an influencer’s account has the potential to generate sales. This tool will save you time and money.

#9 Find Trending Products on Review Blogs & Websites

When was the last time you purchased a product online? You probably conducted thorough research before finalizing the purchase, right? The same goes for your targeted audience. As the product description in an online store doesn’t provide enough information, we are most likely to depend on review blogs and websites.

Before purchasing a particular product, people are most likely to search “Product+Review” on Google. This keyword fetches all the blogs and websites that have reviewed the product. These also work best when you’re trying to find trending products in your niche. Just search “Your niche + reviews” on Google and you’ll find dozens of product recommendations on top 10 sites.

Following is a brief review of some popular review blogs and websites:


techradar huting products

TechRadar is one of the most popular and trendy review websites focused on technology. If your niche lies anywhere near tech, TechRadar is certainly your one-stop-shop to all recently trending reviews and publications of tech products. It was awarded the title of the 93rd biggest site in the United States at the Similarweb’s US Media Publications. Over time, as it grew up, it was ranked to be the 10th most popular yet useful site in the US.

The Wirecutter

wirecutter huting products

From electronics to Home & Garden to Money to Travel to Office to Appliances, Wirecutter reviews literally anything to everything available online. And considering its never-ending popularity, people are automatically buying brands recommended by Wirecutter than anyone else. Reviews at Wirecutter are compiled with weeks of research, vigorous reporting, testing, and interviewing the manufacturers. They have a huge team of scientists, researchers, and veteran journalist compiling unbiased reviews for them.

Just head over to Wirecutter and find products in your niche. Here, you’ll find plenty of product ideas recommendations. Find them on Amazon or AliExpress and start selling on your store.


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BlessThisStuff is another review website primarily focused on men’s gadgets and wear. Men’s Gadgets & Gadgets is a trending niche in 2019, so if your store niches revolve anywhere near men, make sure to go through products listed at BlessThisStuff.

BlessThisStuff covers a wide range of niches including smart vehicles, sportswear, gadgets, and more. In a nutshell, you can get some amazing product ideas of trending gadgets, tech, and other accessories here.


testfreaks products

TestFreaks is a Swedish Review Platform and is a reliable choice to look for niche ideas and trending products in your niche. This ever-evolving review website has reviews from over 60 countries and the number is still increasing. Though it is not recommended to use for Apps and Software, you can still get quality product ideas in various niche i.e. computers, cosmetics, games & consoles, car audio, hand tools, golf, home appliances, and more.

Guess what? The platform is now being used by online stores in 30+ countries. So, if you find their product sharing program useful, you can simply integrate their product directory on your store.

#10 Discover Best Selling Shopify Products Using MYIP.ms

So, how successful Shopify stores look like? Are they selling the same products as you? What are you missing in generating more sales than them? Answer to all these questions lies in a single platform – MYIP.ms.

myip.ms ecom Store Listings

Confused about how to use MYIP.ms to find Shopify stores with trending products? Well, here is a brief guide to getting started with your product research:

  • Go to MYIP.ms
  • Enter this IP address and then click “Whois Lookup”
  • Now click “Other Sites IP” and wait for a few seconds

myip.ms trending stores

  • Now you have tons of Shopify stores list to research bestselling products to sell online.
  • To check the most popular site, click on “View All Record” and then “World Site Popular Rating”.

myip.ms looking up shopify stores

Note that you can easily find the most popular product of each store by adding the parameters “/collections/all?sort_by=best-selling” at the end of the URL. Let’s say we select kith.com. To check the most popular product, just type “kith.com/collections/all?sort_by=best-selling” in the address bar and press enter. You’ll be redirected to the most popular product of the perspective Shopify store. These parameters work on literally every Shopify store.

Pro Tip: Top ecom pros know that time is money. That is why, for them, using the Sell The Trend Nexus Explorer is a no-brainer. This powerful research machine collects all the top products from Shopify, Aliexpress, Amazon & Facebook and allows you to see what is really trending across the world. Watch this brief video as it finds a $355,000 Product in 42 Seconds!

Sell The Trend Shopify Store Explorer Nexus

#11 Search Hobbies to Find Trending Products

Another great way of finding top selling products is by browsing through hobbies. Believe it or not, people buy a lot of products to fulfill their hobbies irrespective of the pricing, delivery time, and other factors. If someone is into collecting signed sports accessories by famous celebrities, they’ll spend a fortune to buy it.

This makes hobbies one of the best ways to find trending products to sell online. In this regard, Wikipedia might be the most useful source to find hundreds of hobbies.

wikipediea hobbies

After you’ve shortlisted some hobbies closest to your niche, you can apply the same product research methods listed above. Look through related products on Amazon, AliExpress, Google, and other online marketplaces and place them on your store. Make sure to check it on Google Trends before you finalize a product.

You may also be able to find new niche ideas in the Wikipedia list of hobbies.

#12 Shopify Apps

Do you own a Shopify store? Getting trending product ideas from Shopify Apps might be a good idea. In simple words, you’re just spying on Shopify stores with enormous sales. Obviously, the hot selling products are listed on one of these stores. See, the products are already listed on other Shopify stores, you just got to look in the right place.

The best way to find best selling Shopify stores is to check customer reviews of Shopify apps. Well, we selected “Oberlo” which is one of the best tools used for fulfilling drop shipping products.

using shopify apps for product research

Now, there are greater chances that MusclePhenom Sports and Barber King are already selling enough products successfully. Just browse through these stores and check what they’re selling. You can also use the same parameter “/collections/all?sort_by=best-selling” to check their best selling products in one go. In this way, you can easily get a grasp of top selling products in your niche.

#13 Sell The Trend: 9-in-1 Dropshipping Tool

All the methods discussed so far require a bit of effort, time and patience. Now let’s talk about what is by far the most cost-effective painless and immediate method of finding money making trending products for your online store. let’s talk about Sell The Trend.

We have mentioned this powerful tool briefly throughout this guide, now let’s dive a little deeper.

With Sell the trend all you have to do is login and you are immediately presented with thousands of winning products in multiple niche. Whether you are looking for pet products, fishing products, beauty products, or one of the 80 other niches on offer, there is no doubt you will find what you’re looking for here.

The star of the show is THE NEXUS Research Machine which combines a lot of e-commerce channels like Aliepress, Amazon and Shopify and allow you to really see what’s trending around the world. Combined with other the other powerful tools, Sell The Trend automates a lot of the methods discussed in this guide and helps you to bypass all the effort required in finding that winning products.

Let’s take a brief look at some of Sell The Trend’s Powerful Dropshipping tools.


Ok… so after you’ve found some appealing trend settling products, now is the right time to optimize them for your online store. Take your time and conduct a thorough research before finalizing a niche or a product. As discussed earlier, your foremost step must be Google Check products on Google.com, Google News, Google Images, and most of all Google Trends. Here is how you’ll get a clearer idea of the market.

After you’re done with the initial research, follow the aforementioned step-by-step guide and find the same products on Amazon, AliExpress, and other online marketplaces listed above. Checking the bestselling section of each marketplace is a good choice.

Setting aside these core product research techniques, never make a mistake to underestimate any of the listed hacks to find trending products online. Each one of them matters! However, after following this definitive guide to product research, only a few will remain with you forever. A trick, hack, or method that worked well for someone may not serve the same deal to you. And of course if you want to save time and money, you can always get Sell The Trend which will automate most of these techniques and includes other powerful tools like a video ads creator, and Facebook Audience Builder.

In case of further questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment or contact us directly. We’ll be more than happy to assist you in finding trending products to sell online!