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Stop Wasteful Spending on Facebook Ads That Are Not Working. Learn the methods and strategies that have generated millions in revenue.

Facebook Business Setup

Setting up your Facebook Business Page, Business Manager and Facebook Settings the correct way.

Facebook Ads 101

The different types Of Ad sets, how to target correctly and use Audience Insights to zero in on winning interests.

The Facebook Pixel

We will create and configure your Contact, Refund Policy, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service pages so you're legally covered.

"Ad Mapping" Method

Creating an Ad Success Map. Find out all about what to include in Ad Creatives, and whats Currently Working on Facebook.

Finding That "Hit Product"

Go through a step by step processes of picking a Hit Product from Sell The Trend and use that to create a winning Facebook campaign.

Essential Ads Structure

Learn Essential Facebook Campaign structure as we setup a proper Facebook Campaign, Adsets, and the actual engaging ads.

The "Crucial 11"

We look at the 11 crucial FB Ad Sets that you need to create to insure you do not miss a single sale and when to Grow, Trim, or Kill your adsets.

Advanced Topics

We discuss Custom and Lookalike audiences, Retargeting, CBO Campaigns and the essential metrics to look for in winning Adsets

Past Students

My first two years in eCommerce were extremely challenging, i tried so many things and nothing worked... In my first two months after the course, I made more sales than I did in my first two years combined and ended up making $790,000 in sales.


Joy Violet


Jumping on the share train ❤ This is my first week where I've bumped into $1000 days (5 days in a row now)


Lindsey Labrum


Two days ago I was about to give up on my current store because I've been spending $50-$100/day on FB with 0 sales. Today I woke up to my first few sales from making some changes to my ad... Thanks, Joshua Zitting for helping me out and not give up!


Eddie Espinal


Course Outline

Learn How to Create Super Optimized Facebook Ads that Really work!
Masterclass 27 Detailed Facebook Course Modules
  1. Intro To Facebook Ads Masterclass
  2. Setting up Facebook Business Page
  3. Setting Up Facebook Business Manager
  4. Setting Up Facebook Settings
  5. Different Types Of Ad Sets
  6. Facebook Targeting 101
  7. Facebook Audience Insights Explained
  8. Intro To The Facebook Pixel
  9. Installing Your Facebook Pixel
  10. Being compliant With Facebook Policies
  11. Ad Mapping - Success Map
  12. Ad Creatives - Whats Currently Working
  13. Finding Hit Video Ad Products via STT
  14. How To Make A Video Ad
  15. Setting Up Ads - Step 1 Campaign Level
  16. Setting Up Ads - Step 2 Adset Level
  17. Setting Up Actual Ad - Step 3
  18. Setting Up Facebook Columns
  19. Grow,Trim,Kill Ad Method
  20. Crucial FB Ad Sets that win
  21. Determining ROAS
  22. Creating Custom Audiences
  23. Setting Up and Scaling LLA
  24. Retargeting Explained
  25. Setting Up Video Retargeting Ads - 75-95%
  26. Facebook CBO Hack
  27. In Depth CBO Ad Creation
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No. This is a standalone course, you do not need a Sell The Trend Membership to take the course.