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Hybrid Tomatoes

The main difference between a hybrid tomato and an open pollinated tomato is that hybrid tomatoes are a controlled cross of two different tomato varieties and open pollinated tomatoes have parents of the same variety.

What is the difference between hybrid and open pollinated tomatoes?

Hybrid Tomato Seeds from Gurney's

At Gurney's, we grow a lot of hybrid tomato varieties in our trial gardens each year. Our goal is to find the tomato plants that offer the best in flavor, disease resistance, uniform fruits and yields. Generations of gardeners have counted on us for our wide selection of tomato varieties. We offer tomato plants for sale and tomato seeds for sale that offer the best in flavor, performance and yields.

A hybrid tomato is the result of a controlled cross-pollination between two "parent" tomato plants while an open-pollinated tomato has parents of the same variety. None of our tomatoes are genetically modified (GMO). Gurney's does not sell any GMO seed.

Choosing the Right Hybrid Tomato Plants

With so many tomato varieties available, many people wonder where to begin. We suggest that you first look at the space you have available and then consider what types of tomatoes you'd like to grow.

How Much Space You Need for Tomato Plants

Tomato plants require lots of sun (at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight daily) and well-drained soil. While most gardeners grow tomato plants in the garden, tomato plants can be grown in containers or Grow Tubs. Some tomato plants can grow up to 8 ft. tall while others have a bushier, more compact habit.

Types of Hybrid Tomato Plants

Tomatoes come in all shapes and sizes. When choosing hybrid tomato plants, consider how you want to use the tomatoes. Choose from all-purpose, cherry or grape tomatoes, beefsteak types and paste or sauce types.

Hybrid Tomato Seeds: Getting the Most out of Your Purchase

Tomatoes are warm season plants. Many gardeners start tomato seeds indoors and transplant them to the garden once the weather is warm; others buy tomato plants and transplant them to the garden. In warmer climates with long growing seasons, tomato seeds can be directly sown into the garden.

How to Grow Hybrid Tomatoes

Tomato plants need lots of sun, well-drained soil, regular watering and plenty of space. Most tomato varieties also require staking.

When to Plant Hybrid Tomatoes

Tomato plants cannot handle freezing weather and should be planted after the last spring frost day in your area.

How Far Apart to Plant Tomatoes

Tomato plants should be spaced 2-3 ft. apart with rows 3-5 ft. apart. Place the stake or tomato cage in place at the time of planting. This keeps the roots from being disturbed.

How to Prune Tomatoes

Pruning tomato plants improves air circulation around the plant and also results in larger yields. Prune leaves from the bottom of the plant.

How to Care for Hybrid Tomato Plants

Mulching around the tomato plants helps suppress weeds and retains moisture in the soil. We recommend fertilizing tomato plants with Gurney's Tomato Food, a slow-release, all-natural plant food. Tomato plants require regular watering, at least an inch a week. Also, be on the lookout for pests. Gurney's offers several pest control products and other supplies for growing tomatoes.


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