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Why CJDropshipping?

CJDropshipping is China’s most reliable and relied-upon dropshipping fulfillment suppliers.

With our full integration with CJDropshipping, you have thousands of products at your fingertips in an automated, perfectly synced platform that helps you find the best ranked products in seconds and stock your store with the best quality products Try It Now

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I’ve done over $100K from Sell The Trend and now have tools for video creation, Facebook targeting, landing page design as well as product research.

Kyle Brattan

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I am projecting products I have found on the site to generate $40,000 in sales by the end of this month. Cheers to Sell The Trend for serving as a platform to easily find winning products.

Yash Shah

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As I close another month with $10,000+ in sales, I cannot forget to thank SELL THE TREND. I want you to know that with persistence, commitment & patience, you can become a “Success Story” too.

Nelson Muriuki

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Key Benefits

Find Winning Products with Explorer

Our unmatched CJDropshipping Explorer shows products making big moves in real-time, updated every 24 hours so you can jump on trends right when they’re on the rise.

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Save Time & Avoid Mistakes

1-click order automation means no more manually copying addresses, fetching tracking numbers, or updating customers.

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Fast and Reliable Shipping Lines

CJDropshipping in well known for their fast CJPacket shipping line able to deliver products in half the time compared to other simliar suppliers.

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Discover the Power of Sell The Trend's CJDropshipping Integration

NEXUS Product Research

Find Products Shipped from Anywhere

Access the best rated and most listed products from the USA, Europe, and China

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Inventory sync and price monitoring

Inventory Sync & Cost Monitoring

Never lose visibility on your active inventory, and monitor your costs in a clear and streamlined platform with all the data you need to succeed.

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dropshipping chrome extension

Chrome Extension for Direct Import

Import any product directly to your store with a click thanks to our CJDropshipping/Aliexpress extension for Google Chrome.

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1-click order fulfillment and processing

1-Click Order Fulfillment

Automatically reduce order fulfillment time with 1-click fulfillment, including tracking information sent directly to customers.

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Cherrie H.

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Since I’ve seen others contribute testimonials in the group, I figured I’ll follow suit. So I’ve started a fb campaign... and since yesterday I’ve made 2 sales! I couldn’t believe it! It’s nothing substantial or a lot of money but for someone who’s never done this before and to actually make something, it’s exciting! I wrote Sell The Trend for support. I asked them what I could do to improve my store and they gave me so much solid feedback!

Christine A.

I wish I found this website before watching 100 YouTube videos on how to setup a store. This site literally guides you from finding the product to pushing it to your store to making ads. This helps a lot!

Samuel F.

Being a technical person, i appreciate all the details i can see about a product im interested in selling, gives me confidence to promote it. With all the tools that Sell The Trend has, I have all the information I need to made the right decisions about which products to add to my shop. Sell The Trend has been a real game changer for me.

Niki T.

Awesome people behind this company. Had an issue with the account, which was resolved within minutes of me reaching out. Although this would help out my competitors, I do highly recommend this company.

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I signed up and it’s a surprisingly good website... great job guys! This solves a major problem for people struggling to find winning products!

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I am projecting products I have found on the site to generate about $40,000 in sales by the end of this month. Amazing platform that is super valuable. I would definitely say check it out if you have issues with finding the proper products to market. Cheers to Sell The Trend for serving as a great platform to easily find winning products.

Frequently asked questions

CJ Dropshipping does not typically buy products from AliExpress to fulfill orders. They source products directly from manufacturers and suppliers, which allows for potentially better pricing, more control over the supply chain, and often better shipping options. However, CJ Dropshipping allows you to request sourcing of specific products. If you find a product on AliExpress that is not available on CJ Dropshipping, you can request CJ to source that product for you, potentially at better terms.

Yes, you can use Alidropship as a tool for your dropshipping business while fulfilling orders through CJ Dropshipping. Alidropship is a WordPress plugin that automates the process of creating a dropshipping store with AliExpress, but you're not limited to only using AliExpress as your supplier. If you prefer CJ Dropshipping's services for certain products or for all your fulfillment needs, you can manually process orders with CJ Dropshipping whenever a sale is made through your Alidropship-powered store.

Yes, CJ Dropshipping does ship from China, as it is headquartered there and has a significant network of suppliers in the region. They also have warehouses in China which they use for order fulfillment. However, CJ Dropshipping also has warehouses in other countries around the world. This global presence allows them to offer various shipping options, including domestic shipping within countries like the USA, which can significantly reduce delivery times compared to shipping directly from China.

CJ Dropshipping is designed to simplify the process of dropshipping for e-commerce businesses. Here's a broad overview of how it works:

  1. Account Setup: You start by creating an account with CJ Dropshipping.
  2. Product Selection: Browse and select products from CJ's vast inventory to list in your store.
  3. Store Integration: Integrate CJ with your e-commerce platform (like Shopify or WooCommerce) for seamless product listing and order synchronization.
  4. Order Processing: When a customer orders a product from your store, the order is automatically forwarded to CJ.
  5. Fulfillment: CJ sources the item from their suppliers, packages it, and ships it directly to your customer.
  6. Tracking and Support: CJ provides tracking information and support throughout the shipping process.

This system is set up to handle the complexities of order fulfillment, allowing you to focus on growing your e-commerce business.

CJ Dropshipping itself does not open Amazon stores for users. Instead, they provide services that support users who want to sell on Amazon. If you wish to sell CJ Dropshipping products on Amazon, you’ll need to:

  1. Open an Amazon Seller Account: You must register for an Amazon Seller account on your own.
  2. Select Products: Choose products from CJ Dropshipping to list on Amazon.
  3. Create Listings: Manually create product listings on Amazon, including detailed descriptions and images.
  4. Fulfill Orders: When you receive orders, you can either fulfill them through Amazon's Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service or have CJ Dropshipping fulfill the orders directly.
  5. Integration Tools: Some third-party tools may help automate parts of this process, but typically, the connection between Amazon and CJ Dropshipping involves manual management.

CJ Dropshipping can work with Amazon in the following way:

  1. Product Selection: You choose products from CJ Dropshipping that you would like to sell on Amazon.
  2. Amazon Listing: You create listings for these products on Amazon, being mindful of Amazon’s policies and listing requirements.
  3. Order Fulfillment: When a product sells, you place the order with CJ Dropshipping, providing the customer’s details for direct shipment.
  4. CJ Processing: CJ sources the product, packages it, and ships it to your customer on your behalf.
  5. Customer Service: You remain responsible for customer service and managing the customer's experience, although CJ handles the logistics.

Using CJ Dropshipping with Amazon requires careful coordination to ensure that orders are processed efficiently and customers receive their purchases in a timely manner.

How to Connect CJ Dropshipping to Etsy?

Connecting CJ Dropshipping to an Etsy store is not as direct as with platforms like Shopify, as Etsy does not support a native integration app. However, you can still use CJ Dropshipping to fulfill your Etsy orders by manually processing them. Here’s how you can connect the two:

  1. List Products on Etsy: Create listings on Etsy for the products you’ve selected from CJ Dropshipping, ensuring you adhere to Etsy's marketplace policies.
  2. Manual Order Placement: When an order is received on Etsy, you’ll need to manually place the order with CJ Dropshipping, inputting the customer's shipping information.
  3. Fulfillment: CJ Dropshipping will handle the fulfillment process, including sourcing, quality check, and shipping.
  4. Communication: Communicate with your customers to update them about their order status, providing tracking information once available.

It’s crucial to account for the manual steps required for each order, which can affect how you scale your Etsy shop with CJ Dropshipping.

Integrating CJ Dropshipping with Shopify streamlines the product listing and order fulfillment process. Here’s how it works:

  1. Install CJ App: Add the CJ Dropshipping app to your Shopify store.
  2. Product Import: Use the app to import products from CJ’s catalog to your Shopify store.
  3. Auto-Sync: The app automatically syncs inventory levels and pricing, updating your store in real-time.
  4. Order Automation: When a customer places an order, it’s automatically forwarded to CJ for fulfillment.
  5. Shipping and Tracking: CJ handles the packing and shipping, providing tracking numbers that you can relay to your customers.

By integrating CJ with Shopify, you automate much of the sales process, which can help in scaling your business more effectively.

CJ Dropshipping functions by bridging the gap between suppliers and online retailers. Once you set up an account and integrate it with your e-commerce store, you can begin listing products from CJ's catalog on your site. When a customer places an order, the order details are automatically sent to CJ Dropshipping, which then takes responsibility for the fulfillment process.

The fulfillment process includes sourcing the product from their network of suppliers, packing it (with the option of custom branding), and shipping it directly to your customer. This end-to-end service is beneficial because it streamlines the operation for the store owner, who can focus on other aspects of their business like marketing and scaling.

To further refine the process, you can use tools like Sell The Trend to select products that are currently popular, potentially increasing your sales. This tool’s integration into your strategy can provide a data-driven approach to product selection, which is key in the dropshipping business model where product trends can shift rapidly.

How Long Does CJ Dropshipping Take to Ship?

Shipping times with CJ Dropshipping can vary widely depending on several factors, including the product's origin, the destination country, and the selected shipping method. Typically, CJ Dropshipping lists several shipping options for each product, ranging from economical choices to more expensive expedited services. Shipping times can range from as little as a week to over a month.

It's important to note that shipping times may be affected by external factors such as customs delays, holidays, and the efficiency of the local postal service in the destination country. CJ Dropshipping provides estimated delivery times for each shipping method, but these are estimates and not guarantees.

As an e-commerce business owner, setting the right expectations for your customers regarding shipping times is crucial. Offering a variety of shipping options and being transparent about potential delays can help manage customer satisfaction. Additionally, frequent communication with your customers about their order status can alleviate concerns about shipping times.

CJ Dropshipping shipping times can vary widely based on several factors, such as the origin of the product, the shipping destination, and the shipping method chosen. Generally, shipping can take anywhere from a few days to a month. CJ offers various shipping methods, from economical options with longer delivery times to more costly expedited shipping options that can deliver within a week or two. It's important to communicate these estimated shipping times to customers to set the right expectations.

CJ Dropshipping itself does not charge a monthly subscription or setup fee. Costs associated with using CJ Dropshipping include:

  • Product Costs: You pay for the products you sell at the prices listed on CJ's platform.
  • Shipping Fees: Each product has associated shipping costs, which vary depending on the size, weight, and destination.
  • Additional Services: Fees for custom packaging, private inventory storage, or product customization.

Remember to factor these costs into your product pricing to ensure profitability. It’s also important to consider any additional tools like Sell The Trend for product research, which may have its own subscription cost.

p>To add CJ Dropshipping to your Shopify store, you should:

  1. Install the CJ Dropshipping app from the Shopify App Store.
  2. Connect Your CJ Account to the app using your CJ credentials.
  3. Set Up Your Store Preferences within the app, including payment and shipping settings.
  4. Import Products to your Shopify store from CJ’s catalog through the app.
  5. Adjust Product Details like pricing, descriptions, and images in Shopify to fit your store’s branding.

By following these steps, you can effectively leverage CJ Dropshipping’s inventory for your Shopify store.

How to Connect CJ Dropshipping to Amazon?

Connecting CJ Dropshipping to Amazon involves several key steps:

  1. CJ Account Setup: Ensure you have a CJ Dropshipping account with your product selection ready.
  2. Amazon Seller Account: You must have an Amazon Seller account. Choose either an Individual or Professional account based on your business volume.
  3. Product Listing: Create product listings on Amazon for the items you wish to sell from CJ's catalog.
  4. Order Integration: Use CJ’s Amazon integration tool to sync orders between Amazon and CJ. When an order is placed on Amazon, CJ will be notified to begin the fulfillment process.
  5. Stock Management: Keep track of inventory levels to ensure products are available for fulfillment. CJ's platform can help with real-time stock updates.
  6. Shipping Configuration: Set up your shipping preferences on Amazon to align with the delivery options and times provided by CJ.

Keep in mind Amazon's strict seller policies and ensure you maintain high standards of customer service and delivery to stay compliant with Amazon’s requirements.

To connect CJ Dropshipping to your e-commerce store, follow these general steps:

  1. CJ Account: Sign up for a CJ Dropshipping account.
  2. Platform Integration: If you’re using a platform like Shopify or WooCommerce, use the available CJ Dropshipping app or plugin to integrate directly with your store.
  3. Product Import: Select products from the CJ catalog and import them to your store with the integration tools provided.
  4. Order Sync: Configure your store to automatically sync orders to CJ Dropshipping for fulfillment.
  5. Manual Process: If you’re using a platform without direct integration, you’ll need to manually place orders with CJ when your customers make a purchase.

This connection allows you to automate the dropshipping process as much as possible, depending on your platform.

Connecting products from CJ Dropshipping to your Shopify store involves a few steps to ensure seamless integration:

  1. Install the CJ Dropshipping App: The first step is to install the CJ Dropshipping app from the Shopify App Store. Once installed, you can link your CJ account to your Shopify store within the app.
  2. Choose Products: Browse the CJ catalog and select products you wish to sell.
  3. List on Your Store: Use the app to list these products on your Shopify store, setting up titles, descriptions, and pricing.
  4. Synchronization: The app will synchronize stock levels and pricing in real-time, ensuring your listings are always up to date.
  5. Automation: When a customer places an order on your store, the order is automatically sent to CJ Dropshipping, where they will handle fulfillment.

Following these steps will help you integrate CJ products into your Shopify store efficiently. This integration streamlines the order fulfillment process, making it more manageable to operate your e-commerce business.

To integrate CJ Dropshipping with your Shopify store, you don’t need to download anything. Instead, you install the CJ Dropshipping app from the Shopify App Store directly to your Shopify dashboard. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Shopify App Store: Find the CJ Dropshipping app within the store.
  2. Install the App: Add it to your Shopify store by following the prompts.
  3. Configure the App: Connect your CJ Dropshipping account and set up your preferences for product import and order fulfillment.

Once installed, you can start importing products to your Shopify store and manage orders with CJ Dropshipping.

CJ Dropshipping provides resources for store owners to better market their products, including product videos. To download videos, you typically need to:

  1. Navigate to the Product Page: Go to the CJ Dropshipping platform, find the product page, and look for available media resources.
  2. Download Resources: If CJ provides a video for a product, there will usually be a download option directly on the product page.
  3. Use CJ's Media Service: In some cases, you can request custom photos or videos for the products you intend to sell. CJ may charge a fee for this service.

Remember that these videos are for marketing purposes and should be used to showcase the products on your online store or social media platforms.

Finding products on CJ Dropshipping is a straightforward process that begins with creating an account on their platform. Once logged in, you can use the search function to browse their extensive catalog of products. CJ Dropshipping provides various filters and categories that help you narrow down your search according to niche, cost, shipping options, and more.

For those looking to optimize their product selection, Sell The Trend can be an invaluable tool. It's an AI-powered software that identifies trending products across multiple platforms and provides insights into their selling potential. By integrating Sell The Trend with CJ Dropshipping, you can cross-reference trending products with those available on CJ, ensuring that you're adding hot items to your store that are more likely to convert to sales. This approach requires a balance between the insightful data from Sell The Trend and the practical considerations of stock availability and shipping logistics on CJ Dropshipping.

p>Fulfilling orders on CJ Dropshipping is a largely automated process once you've connected CJ with your e-commerce platform. Here's a step-by-step guide to the order fulfillment process:

  1. Automatic Sync: When a customer makes a purchase from your store, the order is automatically imported into your CJ Dropshipping account.
  2. Order Review and Payment: You review the order details in your CJ dashboard and then make payment for the product cost and shipping fee.
  3. Product Sourcing: CJ sources the product from their supply network.
  4. Quality Check and Dispatch: The product undergoes a quality check before being packed and dispatched to your customer.
  5. Tracking: CJ provides a tracking number which you can share with your customer to follow the shipment.

This streamlined process is designed to simplify the logistics of running a dropshipping store, allowing you to focus on customer service and growing your business.

CJ Dropshipping can provide barcodes for products, which are typically used for inventory management and order fulfillment processes. Here's what you can do:

  1. Product Selection: After choosing products from CJ Dropshipping, you can request the product barcodes from CJ's platform or customer service.
  2. Integration: Ensure that these barcodes are integrated into your store's system so that they can be scanned during packaging and shipping for accurate tracking.
  3. Labels: You may also need to print barcode labels for your products if required for your own logistics or if selling on platforms that require them, like Amazon FBA.

CJ Dropshipping’s customer service can assist with any specific barcode requests or requirements you may have.

How to Increase Speed with CJ Dropshipping?

Increasing the shipping speed when using CJ Dropshipping involves several strategies:

  1. Warehousing Closer to Customer: Utilize CJ’s warehouses that are located closer to your main customer base. For instance, use their US warehouses if your customers are predominantly in the US, which can significantly reduce shipping times.
  2. Choose Faster Shipping Options: Opt for faster shipping methods offered by CJ. Although more expensive, services like DHL, FedEx, or CJ Packet can provide quicker delivery.
  3. Optimize Order Processing: Streamline your order processing to reduce the time from order placement to dispatch. This includes quick order verification and immediate forwarding of orders to CJ Dropshipping.
  4. Bulk Inventory Management: Consider using CJ’s warehousing service to hold bulk inventory of your best-selling products. This reduces the time taken to source products each time an order is placed.
  5. Product Sourcing: Request CJ to keep a local supply of high-demand items to avoid delays caused by sourcing products from suppliers after orders are placed.

Implementing these strategies can significantly enhance the speed of order fulfillment and customer satisfaction.

Handling returns with CJ Dropshipping involves a few steps:

  1. Customer Notification: Your customer should notify you of the desire to return an item.
  2. Evaluate the Request: Determine if the return request falls under the conditions accepted by CJ Dropshipping.
  3. Contact CJ Dropshipping: Initiate a return or dispute on the CJ Dropshipping platform, providing all necessary documentation and evidence (such as photos of the defect).
  4. Return Authorization: CJ Dropshipping will authorize the return and provide instructions for shipping the product back.
  5. Refund or Replacement: Once the return is received and inspected, CJ Dropshipping will issue a refund or send a replacement to the customer, based on the agreed resolution.

Clear communication and prompt action are key in managing returns effectively to maintain customer trust and satisfaction.

Importing products from CJ Dropshipping to Shopify is facilitated by the CJ Shopify app:

  1. Install the CJ App: From the Shopify App Store.
  2. Connect Your CJ Account: With your Shopify store through the app.
  3. Import Products: Directly to your store and customize listings as needed.
  4. Inventory Management: The app automatically updates inventory and prices.

Importing products from CJ Dropshipping to Shopify can be done through the CJ app for Shopify:

  1. Install the CJ Dropshipping App: This app is available in the Shopify App Store and is designed to connect your CJ account with your Shopify store.
  2. Product Selection: Browse CJ’s catalog within the app and select products that you want to sell.
  3. Direct Import: Use the import feature to add these products to your Shopify store. The app will import product details including images, descriptions, and prices.
  4. Customization: Once imported, customize the product listings in Shopify to match your store's branding and SEO practices.
  5. Inventory Sync: The app will keep your inventory levels in sync with CJ’s stock to avoid selling products that are out of stock.

This streamlined process allows for an easy transition of products from CJ to your Shopify storefront.

To import reviews from CJ Dropshipping into your Shopify store, you would typically need to use a third-party reviews app that is compatible with both Shopify and CJ Dropshipping. Here’s a general process:

  1. Choose a Review App: Select a review app from the Shopify App Store that supports import functionality.
  2. Export Reviews: Some apps allow you to export reviews from CJ Dropshipping or request that CJ provides a file with the reviews.
  3. Import Reviews: Use the review app’s import feature to upload the reviews file and add the reviews to the respective product pages on your Shopify store.
  4. Adjust and Moderate: Make sure to go through the reviews to ensure they are appropriate and accurate before they go live.

Note that customer reviews are crucial for building trust and increasing conversion rates, so ensure that the reviews are legitimate and reflect the actual customer experience.

Listing products from CJ Dropshipping on Shopify involves:

  1. App Integration: Make sure the CJ Dropshipping app is installed and connected to your Shopify store.
  2. Choose Products: Select products from the CJ catalog that you want to list.
  3. List on Shopify: Use the app’s features to push these products to your Shopify store, creating live listings.
  4. Customize Listings: Edit the product details on Shopify, including prices, descriptions, images, and SEO elements to tailor them to your brand and audience.
  5. Publish: Once you've tailored the listings to your satisfaction, publish them on your Shopify store for customers to view and purchase.

By following this process, you can populate your Shopify store with products from CJ Dropshipping’s vast selection.

How to Order from CJ Dropshipping?

Ordering from CJ Dropshipping typically involves the following steps for store owners:

  1. Account Setup: Create an account on the CJ Dropshipping platform.
  2. Product Selection: Browse and select products you want to sell from the CJ catalog.
  3. Integration: Link your e-commerce platform (like Shopify, eBay, etc.) with your CJ account.
  4. Listing: List your selected products on your e-commerce platform.
  5. Sales Process: When a customer purchases a product from your store, the order is automatically synced with CJ Dropshipping.
  6. Payment: You review the order details on your CJ dashboard and then make payment to CJ for the product and shipping fees.
  7. Fulfillment: CJ then processes the order, which includes product sourcing, quality inspection, packaging, and shipping to your customer.
  8. Tracking: You will receive a tracking number to monitor the shipment and provide updates to your customer.

Remember, the process can be automated to a great extent, especially if you're integrated with an e-commerce platform like Shopify, where orders are directly forwarded to CJ for fulfillment.

To make CJ Dropshipping faster, particularly in terms of order fulfillment and shipping, follow these tips:

  1. Product Pre-stocking: Pre-stock popular items in CJ’s overseas warehouses to avoid delays in order processing.
  2. Shipping Method Selection: Carefully select shipping methods. Expedited shipping options while more costly, can provide faster delivery.
  3. Efficient Inventory Management: Keep track of inventory levels and manage them proactively to ensure quick order fulfillment.
  4. Automation Tools: Use automation tools to streamline every phase of the sales process, from order receipt to processing and fulfillment.

These improvements can reduce handling times and improve overall efficiency.

chieved by:

  1. Using Local Warehouses: Take advantage of CJ’s local warehouses in the destination country to shorten the delivery path.
  2. Selecting Quicker Shipping Services: Choose the fastest shipping services available on CJ Dropshipping to decrease transit times.
  3. Order Consolidation: Consolidate orders whenever possible to minimize shipping delays and costs.
  4. Regular Communication: Stay in constant communication with CJ Dropshipping to swiftly resolve any issues that might cause delays.

These methods focus on logistical efficiency to enhance customer satisfaction through faster delivery.

Starting with CJ Dropshipping includes several key steps:

  1. Research: Understand the dropshipping business model thoroughly.
  2. CJ Dropshipping Account: Sign up and familiarize yourself with their platform.
  3. Product Selection: Choose products that align with your niche and have a good track record.
  4. E-commerce Platform: Set up your online store on a platform like Shopify, WooCommerce, etc., and integrate it with CJ Dropshipping.
  5. Marketing: Develop a marketing strategy to attract customers to your store.
  6. Testing: Consider placing a test order to ensure the fulfillment process meets your standards.
  7. Launch: Once everything is set up, launch your store and start marketing to your target audience.

Remember, continuous learning and adaptation are key to succeeding in the dynamic landscape of dropshipping.

How to Start Dropshipping?

Starting a dropshipping business involves several critical steps:

  1. Market Research: Identify a niche market with demand for certain products and low enough competition for a new entrant to gain traction.
  2. Select Products: Choose products that have a proven track record of sales and assess their potential profitability.
  3. Find Suppliers: Look for reliable suppliers with good quality products and reasonable shipping times. CJ Dropshipping can be one of the supplier options.
  4. E-commerce Platform: Set up an online store on a platform like Shopify, WooCommerce, or Etsy. Customize your store to suit your brand and niche.
  5. Integrate with Dropshipping Service: If using CJ Dropshipping, integrate their service with your store for product import and order fulfillment.
  6. Legalities: Ensure you understand the legal requirements and tax obligations of running an online business in your jurisdiction.
  7. Set Up Payment Processing: Implement a secure and reliable payment gateway for your customers.
  8. Marketing Plan: Develop a marketing strategy using SEO, social media, content marketing, and paid advertising to attract customers.
  9. Launch: Once your store is populated with products and you have all the processes in place, launch your store.
  10. Customer Service: Offer excellent customer service to encourage repeat business and build a strong reputation.

To use CJ Dropshipping with eBay, you'll need to follow these steps:

  1. CJ Account: Sign up for an account with CJ Dropshipping if you haven’t already.
  2. eBay Seller Account: Set up an eBay seller account or use an existing one.
  3. Product Selection: Choose products from CJ Dropshipping's catalog that you want to list on eBay.
  4. Manual Listing: Unlike Shopify, which has direct integration, you may need to manually list products on eBay, including product details and images.
  5. Order Management: When an item is sold on eBay, you’ll manually place the order on CJ Dropshipping, providing the customer’s shipping details.
  6. Fulfillment and Shipping: CJ Dropshipping will handle the fulfillment process and ship the product directly to the customer.

While eBay does not have a direct integration app like Shopify, the process is still relatively straightforward, and CJ Dropshipping supports the eBay platform through manual operations.

Using CJ Dropshipping with Shopify is highly automated:

  1. Install the CJ App: Get the CJ Dropshipping app from the Shopify App Store.
  2. Connect Your Account: Link your CJ Dropshipping account with the Shopify store through the app.
  3. Import Products: Use the app to import products from CJ's catalog to your Shopify store.
  4. Auto-Sync: Set up automatic synchronization for inventory and orders.
  5. Order Processing: When a customer places an order, it’s automatically forwarded to CJ Dropshipping for fulfillment.
  6. Tracking: After CJ processes the order, tracking information is provided, which you can pass on to your customer.

This setup allows for a seamless operation where most of the manual work is taken care of by the integration.

Whether CJ Dropshipping is better than AliExpress depends on your specific needs and business model. CJ Dropshipping offers a range of services and products, including printing on demand and warehousing options, which AliExpress does not. CJ Dropshipping also provides a dedicated agent support system, which can be beneficial for solving issues and getting personalized help.

However, AliExpress often has a broader range of products and suppliers, which may offer more competitive pricing due to the larger scale of operations. The choice between the two platforms should be based on factors like product range, shipping methods, cost, ease of integration with your store, and the level of customer service you require.

CJ Dropshipping is a popular platform that provides services to facilitate dropshipping, a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn't keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer. As for whether CJ Dropshipping is free, it's essential to clarify that the platform itself does not charge a membership fee, making it accessible to anyone who wishes to start a dropshipping business. However, this does not mean that all services are without cost.

While you can browse their product offerings and set up an account at no charge, certain services may incur costs. These include but are not limited to: specialized packaging, private inventory, and the use of CJ's warehousing service. When a sale is made, CJ Dropshipping charges for the product cost and shipping fees, which you need to factor into your selling price.

Additionally, using Sell The Trend, a separate dropshipping tool that leverages AI to identify trending products, can help bolster your CJ Dropshipping business. Sell The Trend offers a trial period, after which a subscription fee is required. This integration can enhance your product selection process, though it's an additional cost you'll need to consider in your business model.

CJ Dropshipping is generally considered a good option for many e-commerce entrepreneurs, especially those looking to avoid the costs associated with maintaining inventory. The platform is known for its wide product selection, integration capabilities with major e-commerce platforms, and additional services like product customization and warehousing.

However, "good" is subjective, and the platform's suitability can vary depending on the specific needs of a business. It's important to consider factors such as shipping times, product quality, and customer support. It’s also advisable to read current user reviews and possibly test the service yourself to ensure that it meets your standards.

Is CJ Dropshipping Legit Reddit?

The legitimacy of CJ Dropshipping is often discussed on forums like Reddit, where the consensus is that CJ Dropshipping is a legitimate service. However, like any service, experiences can vary greatly among users. Redditors share a mix of experiences, with some praising the platform for its customer service, range of products, and ease of integration, while others have noted challenges with shipping times, product quality, or communication.

It's always beneficial to do your own research on Reddit and other forums, keeping in mind that individual posts may reflect personal experiences that might not be universally applicable. It's also a good idea to test the service with a few orders before committing to a large volume to gauge how well it aligns with your business needs.

CJ Dropshipping is indeed a legitimate dropshipping supplier platform that offers a range of services to e-commerce businesses. The platform specializes in product sourcing, order fulfillment, and logistic services. It has established a reputation for providing access to a wide array of products and is recognized for its integration with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and others.

However, as with any dropshipping service, the legitimacy of the experience depends heavily on your use of the platform. While there are many success stories, some users have faced challenges with shipping times, product quality, and customer service. It's crucial for prospective dropshippers to conduct thorough research, read reviews, and possibly test the service with a few products before scaling up their business. Proper due diligence, including assessing the reliability of Sell The Trend's analytics for product selection, can help in ensuring a legitimate and profitable dropshipping business.

CJ Dropshipping’s reliability, like many dropshipping platforms, can be subjective and depends largely on how you utilize their services. Many users find CJ Dropshipping to be a reliable partner for sourcing products and fulfilling orders. The platform has systems in place to ensure product quality and delivery, such as quality checks and tracking services.

However, as with any third-party service, there can be instances of miscommunication, delays, or issues with product quality. To maximize reliability, it is advisable to:

  • Regularly communicate with CJ Dropshipping's support for updates on products and shipping.
  • Test order products to assess quality and packaging.
  • Stay updated on customer reviews and feedback for the products you are selling.

It is also beneficial to keep an eye on Sell The Trend to ensure that the products you are choosing continue to perform well in the market, maintaining the reliability of your product offerings.

CJ Dropshipping is generally considered a safe and reliable platform for e-commerce entrepreneurs. The platform takes measures to protect the user's personal and financial information, and provides a secure system for transactions. They offer customer support and a dispute resolution process in case of any issues with orders or suppliers.

However, "safe" also refers to the risk of inventory, shipping, and quality control, which are inherent challenges in the dropshipping business model. CJ Dropshipping addresses these risks by offering services like quality checks before dispatch and providing shipping insurance options.

While CJ Dropshipping offers numerous benefits, there are some disadvantages to consider:

  • Dependency on Suppliers: Relying on CJ's network of suppliers can pose risks such as stock shortages and inconsistent product quality.
  • Longer Shipping Times Compared to Domestic Suppliers: Especially if using suppliers based in China and not using local warehouses.
  • Complexity in Shipping: Dealing with international shipping can introduce challenges with customs and longer delivery times.
  • Limited Branding Opportunities: Custom packaging and branding options are available but can be restrictive compared to managing your own product lines.

Understanding these limitations is crucial for managing your dropshipping business effectively.


  • Wide Product Selection: Access to a vast array of products across various categories.
  • Integration Capabilities: Strong integration with major e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.
  • Warehousing Solutions: Availability of global warehousing options to reduce shipping times.
  • Customization Options: Offers some degree of product customization and private label services.


  • Inconsistent Product Quality: As with any dropshipping service, product quality can vary.
  • Customer Service Issues: Some users report delays and issues with customer service.
  • Reliance on External Stocks: Limited control over stock levels can lead to potential delays and stockouts.
  • Higher Shipping Costs for Faster Delivery: Expedited shipping options are more expensive.

Evaluating these pros and cons will help determine if CJ Dropshipping aligns with your business needs.

What Countries Does CJ Dropshipping Ship To?

CJ Dropshipping offers a global reach, providing shipping services to a wide array of countries across the world. They facilitate international shipping which includes major markets such as:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • European Union countries
  • Asian countries
  • And many others

To see the full list of countries CJ Dropshipping can ship to, it’s best to check their official website or contact their customer service. This global coverage allows e-commerce businesses to market and sell products internationally, irrespective of their physical location.

When listing products in your e-commerce store from CJ Dropshipping, "vendor" typically refers to the supplier or brand of the product. In CJ Dropshipping's platform, you can often find the manufacturer or brand name in the product details. You would use this information as the vendor when listing the product in your store.

However, if you are selling products from multiple suppliers or if the product does not have a recognizable brand, you may choose to list your store name as the vendor to maintain consistency across your listings.

CJ Dropshipping is a global dropshipping platform that offers a comprehensive solution for online retailers who wish to sell products without maintaining inventory. It is a one-stop service that covers product sourcing, order processing, and shipping fulfillment. Unlike traditional retail models, dropshipping with CJ allows you to avoid upfront costs for inventory, which can significantly reduce the barrier to entry for starting an e-commerce store.

The platform connects you with suppliers from various locations around the world, offering a broad selection of products across different categories. By eliminating the need to stock products, you can focus on marketing and customer service, while CJ Dropshipping handles the logistics of sourcing and delivering the products to your customers. This model is especially beneficial for entrepreneurs who wish to test the market with different products without the risk associated with purchasing large quantities of inventory.

In CJ Dropshipping, "product type" refers to the category or classification of the product according to its characteristics. This can include general categories such as "apparel," "electronics," "home goods," etc. Product type is used to organize and classify products within your store and the CJ platform, making it easier for customers to find what they're looking for. It also assists in managing and marketing your inventory.

When you add products to your store, choosing the correct product type is crucial for search engine optimization (SEO) and for customers who filter products by category during their search.

RRP stands for Recommended Retail Price. In the context of CJ Dropshipping, it is the price that CJ suggests you should list the product for in your store. It's typically calculated to give you a reasonable profit margin while staying competitive in the marketplace.

However, the RRP is only a suggestion, and you have the flexibility to set your own prices based on your business strategy, target audience, and market conditions. It's important to consider your costs, including the product price, shipping, taxes, and any additional fees, when setting your final retail price.

What is Vendor in CJ Dropshipping?

In the context of CJ Dropshipping, a "vendor" refers to the original supplier or manufacturer of the products that are available for you to list and sell in your e-commerce store. This term is used to identify the source of the product within the supply chain. On your own store’s platform, you might list the vendor name in product descriptions or keep it for your records to track which products come from which suppliers.

When working with CJ Dropshipping, you typically don’t have to deal directly with individual vendors since CJ acts as the intermediary. This means they handle the sourcing, quality control, and shipping, but it's still beneficial to know the vendor for each product for your own inventory management and customer inquiries.

p>The best products to dropship with CJ Dropshipping often depend on current market trends, demand stability, and your target audience. However, generally, the following types of products can perform well:

  • Tech Accessories: Items like phone cases, chargers, and earphones typically have high demand and low shipping costs.
  • Fashion Items: Especially those that are not size-dependent, such as scarves, hats, and sunglasses.
  • Beauty Products: Small, lightweight items like makeup tools and skincare products that are not easily breakable.
  • Home Decor: Particularly unique or niche items that appeal to specific interests.

Using tools like Sell The Trend can also help identify which products are currently popular and likely to sell well on your store.

The cheapest shipping method on CJ Dropshipping usually involves slower transit times and can vary depending on the product’s weight, dimensions, and destination. Generally, options like:

  • CJ Packet Ordinary
  • Yanwen Economic Air Mail
  • China Post Ordinary Small Packet Plus

These are cost-effective but also mean longer delivery times, which could impact customer satisfaction. When choosing the cheapest method, consider the trade-off between cost and shipping time, and how it aligns with your customer service goals.

The most expensive shipping methods on CJ Dropshipping are typically the fastest. These can include:

  • DHL
  • FedEx
  • UPS Expedited

These services offer quicker delivery, often ranging from a few days to a week, and are preferred for high-value products or customers who prioritize fast delivery. They also provide better tracking and security for shipments.

The most reliable shipping method on CJ Dropshipping tends to be:

  • CJ Packet: Specifically, options like CJ Packet Standard or CJ Packet Express, which offer a good balance of cost, speed, and reliability.
  • DHL: For international shipping, DHL is renowned for its reliability and fast delivery times.
  • Local Fulfillment: If CJ has a warehouse in the destination country, using local fulfillment services can also be very reliable and quick.

These options ensure that the products are not only delivered faster but also with minimal risk of loss or damage.

What is the Return Policy on CJ Dropshipping?

CJ Dropshipping's return policy allows for the return of items under specific conditions, such as defective products or items that do not match the listing description. Here’s how their return policy generally works:

  • Defective or Wrong Items: Can be returned for a replacement or a full refund depending on the buyer's preference.
  • Returns Due to Buyer Remorse: Usually, CJ Dropshipping does not accept returns if the customer simply changes their mind. However, this can vary by seller, and restocking fees may apply.
  • Return Shipping Costs: Typically, if the return is due to a seller fault (like a defective item), CJ Dropshipping covers the return shipping costs. If the buyer is returning an item for other reasons, they might be responsible for the return shipping fees.

It is crucial for you as a store owner to communicate these policies clearly on your store’s website to avoid disputes and ensure customer satisfaction.

CJ Dropshipping is headquartered in Hangzhou, China, and they have warehouses located in various countries around the world, including the United States, Germany, Thailand, and Indonesia, among others. This global presence allows them to offer shorter shipping times for many products, depending on where your customers are located.

Having multiple warehouse locations also helps CJ Dropshipping provide dropshippers with options for inventory storage, which can be a significant advantage for reducing shipping times and offering more competitive delivery options to customers.

The best shipping method for CJ Dropshipping depends on several factors, including the destination country, the type of products being shipped, the expected delivery times, and the shipping costs you and your customers are willing to incur.

CJ Dropshipping offers a range of shipping methods, each with its own balance of cost and delivery speed. For instance:

  • ePacket: Generally offers a balance between cost and speed, suitable for small, lightweight items. Delivery can take between 7-20 business days.
  • CJ Packet: CJ's own shipping solution, offering competitive pricing and reliability, with varying delivery times based on the destination.
  • DHL, UPS, FedEx: These express services offer faster delivery, typically within 5-10 business days, but at a higher cost.

It's crucial to weigh these options against your business model and customer expectations. Using a shipping method that offers tracking can improve customer satisfaction, even if it's slightly more expensive. Always provide your customers with estimated delivery times and update them promptly should any delays occur.

CJ Dropshipping might be perceived as expensive for several reasons:

  1. Product Sourcing: They offer a product sourcing service that may lead to higher costs due to the effort involved in finding and vetting suppliers.
  2. Quality Control: Additional steps like quality checking can add to the cost.
  3. Custom Packaging: If you opt for custom packaging, this will also increase the price.
  4. Warehousing: Using CJ’s warehouses outside of China can mean higher storage and handling costs, but with the benefit of faster shipping.
  5. Shipping Options: Faster shipping methods naturally cost more than standard options.

It’s important to consider these factors when evaluating the cost of CJ Dropshipping compared to its competitors. Despite higher costs, these services add value to your business by potentially offering better customer experiences and streamlining operations.

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